Saturday's news in 2 minutes.

1. Tony Abbott’s daughters, Bridget and Frances, have spoken to News Limited about why they think their father would make a good Prime Minister. Frances spoke about gay marriage, saying, “I believe it is inevitable, I believe by the time our generation gets into power I hope and pray something is done about marriage equality and gay rights.”

2. Nelson Mandela is in ‘good spirits’ in hospital, a South African presidency spokesman has said.

3. A prominent Australian entertainer, who cannot be named, has been arrested in relation to the Jimmy Savile child sex investigation. reports that Scotland Yard detectives in London arrested the 82-year-old man yesterday.

4. North Korean state media released photos on Friday that appeared to show attack plans for the US mainland, with the lettering “Strategic Forces’ US Mainland Striking Plan”, reports It is believed that the photos were released intentionally, to distort public perception about North Korea’s military strength. A South Korean source has said there has been movement at North Korea’s missile sites, reports the SMH.

5. A new study published in journal Pediatrics says that what children watch on television is more important than how much television they watch. The Daily Telegraph reports that if parents replace “bad” television shows with “good”, educational programs, children may display better behaviour and more competent social skills.

Teenager Alex Jones died protecting his sister from a collapsing wall.

6. Melbourne teenager Alex Jones, 19, has died after shielding his sister from a collapsing wall on Swanston Street on Friday.

7. Tony Abbott’s plan to scrap a superannuation tax cut for 3.6 million people would hit the poor the hardest. reports that the $500 tax cut was part of the mining tax package, which the Coalition has promised to scrap if they gain power.

8. The Indonesian Justice Minister has met with Schapelle Corby – but said that her hopes to be released from a Bali prison face “difficulties”, reports the SMH.

9. A manhunt is underway for a NSW Police Force employee, accused of stealing weaponry from a police armoury.