Saturday's News in 2 minutes

Polls opened this morning for the Federal Election





1. As Australians take to the polls to vote in today’s Federal election, Fairfax media has released the final Nielson poll, which suggests that 54% of Australian’s will vote for Tony Abbott and the Coalition. Other polls suggest the same result, with the Galaxy poll stating 53% – 47% and the Morgan poll revealing a 53.5% swing to the Coalition as opposed to Labor’s 46.5%. 

2. Speaking to SkyNews yesterday, former Labor Prime Minister Bob Hawke has revealed he believes the Labor party “underrated” Tony Abbott. In an interview with David Speers, Mr. Hawke said Abbott had “shown considerable discipline in this campaign. I think there was the hope that there would be some big Tony gaffes, and so he remains in a strong position.” The former Prime Minister also commented on the ousting of Julia Gillard earlier this year, saying, “history will be kind” to Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

3. John Tomic, the father of successful Australian tennis player Bernard, has been found guilty of assaulting French tennis player Thomas Drouet outside a Spanish hotel in May this year. Mr Tomic, who head-butted his son’s practice partner, has been suspended from all tennis tournaments for 8 months, after being revoked from an 8-month jail sentence due to good behaviour.

130 car crash in the UK

4. Over 130 vehicles collided on a highway in the United Kingdom after a thick fog covered the four-lane road during peak hour on Thursday morning. 200 people were treated at the scene for injuries, and 8 people were taken to a nearby hospital for serious injuries. However, no fatalities occurred.

5. Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka will face off in the US Open finals for the second consecutive year. 31-year-old Williams, who is the defending champion of the title, and 24-year-old Azarenka’s match will mark the first back to back final match up in over 10 years, with the Williams’ sisters match in 2002 being the last.

6. Rochus Misch, Adolf Hitler’s former bodyguard, and one of the last people to see the Nazi leader alive in Berlin in 1945, has died at the age of 96.

7. A remote-controlled toy helicopter has killed a 19-year-old teen in the United States.  The out-of-control helicopter plunged directly into the teenager’s skull, killing him instantly. Reports state the boy had been flying his helicopter in Brooklyn’s Bath Beach park with his father yesterday afternoon.