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Tweet sent during raids

AFP apologises to Channel 7 Lawyer after Corby raid.

The Australian Federal Police have apologised to a Channel Seven Lawyer after raids took place in their Sydney and Melbourne offices last week. In a statement to Channel Seven the AFP said they made ‘an error’ after accusing one of the companies Lawyer’s of a crime in the Federal court.

The AFP told Seven that they regret any “hurt, embarrassment or offence which this error has caused”, however “this regrettable error does not invalidate the search warrants, or the order itself.”

The offices of Channel 7 were raided last Tuesday in a bid to find payment for a Schapelle Corby interview.

Kevin Rudd becomes a senior fellow at Harvard.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been named a senior fellow at America’s Harvard University. Rudd will lead a major research project about the United States’ relationship with China, and is set to take up his post this month in Boston. We wish him all the best.

Australian Paralympian dies after race crash.

Australian Paralympic snowboarder Matthew Robinson died Friday night on route home to Melbourne after suffering neck and spinal injuries during a race in La Molina, Spain on the 12th of February.  The Australian Paralympic Committee said in a statement that:

 “During a scheduled refuelling stop in Kuwait, Matthew suffered a cardiac arrest on board the aircraft and CPR was administered by the Air Ambulance medical crew. Sadly, he could not be revived.”

“We ask that all media respect the privacy of Matthew’s family and friends at this time.”

QANTAS to axe jobs

According to News Limited Australia’s national airline Qantas is set to axe thousands of jobs this Thursday when CEO Alan Joyce presents the interim numbers. This comes after the news that the airline is attempting to slash costs whilst pushing for financial assistance from the Abbott government.

Terrorists  attack Somalian Presidential Palace

Eleven people have died in Somalia after terrorists detonated a car bomb and raided the Presidential Palace.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was unharmed, and told media that acts such as these would not stopping from rebuilding the country after years of war. “An act of terrorism, however unspeakable, does not hide the truth that this is a marginal group on the brink of extinction” he said.

Al Shabaab, which is linked to Al Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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