A sexist troll unleashed a vile attack on Sarah Silverman. Her response changed his life.

It’s a sad inevitability that women will receive rude and often vicious abuse on social media from strangers. And in this case, the usual response is to block or ignore the troll responsible for the verbal attack.

But recently comedian Sarah Silverman decided to do something different, and responded to a Twitter troll with kindness. The result was an incredible exchange. And – not to get all corny on you – reminds us that everyone has a story and maybe, just maybe, our words have the power to help someone in need.

On December 29 Silverman was reaching out to a Donald Trump supporter on Twitter to try to understand them, when she was met with the typical troll catch-cry of “c**t” from Jeremy Jamrozy.

Instead of a retort or dismissal, Silverman responded with this:

Caught off guard, Jamrozy’s reply is just as unexpected:


And the conversation only got more personal from there as Silverman tried to offer the man support and advice and he, in turn, offered an apology:




Silverman followed the conversation with a callout to anyone who may be able to help her new pal.


That post received hundreds of kind responses, including this one:

While this conversation probably won’t be the silver bullet to all of Jamrozy’s problems, the thought that it could just be the start of a better life for a reformed troll is giving us plenty of hope for 2018.

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