Watch these two comedians handle their breakup like total pros. Live on TV.

Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel.

Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel – two hilarious comedians – broke up in 2009 after dating for seven years. Normally that piece of information would factor very low on my scale of things to care about, but not today.

Because in a very classy show of awkward-alleviating brilliance, Silverman was just a guest on Kimmel’s talk show, and they both handled it like total pros.

Since the breakup, Jimmy Kimmel has gotten married and become a pretty big deal thanks to the increasing popularity of his talk show. Sarah Silverman is also in a long-term relationship and generally kicking comedy arse. But they were kind of the royal couple of comedy for the whole of their relationship, so everybody was veeeery interested to see how they would pull off an on-air reunion.

They nailed it.

Sarah walked out onstage with a box labelled ‘Jimmy’s Stuff’ and proceeded to give him back a bunch of items from their relationship. It was awkward, but funny – which is probably the best you could expect a reunion in front of millions of people to be.

‘This is weird, but its good weird – this is human nature,” Sarah said. “People break up and exes are going to bump into each other, they are gonna cross paths, they are gonna be on each other’s talk shows. It’s the cycle of life.”

Watch the hilarious video here:

I think we could all learn a thing or two when it comes to behaving better after a split.

Because, let’s face it, when it comes to handling breakups, everybody has descended into shameless immaturity several times at least once in their lives.

Sarah Silverman with Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘stuff’.

Don’t deny it. You’ve replied via text that you can’t meet up to talk because you’re now ‘seeing someone’ (when by ‘seeing’ you mean ‘looking at’ and ‘someone’ you mean ‘my television’).


You’ve got your friends to check you in at parties you weren’t actually at, to make sure he/she knows you’re ‘having fun’. You’ve callously said that you ‘threw out’ your ex-lover’s favourite jumper when you’ve actually been cradling it for days, while sobbing in the foetal position.

Oh, is that just me? Is nobody else admitting to any of the crazy shit they’ve done after a breakup? Too embarrassing, hey? Okay then…

I know this… girl. Let’s call her ‘Posie’.

One time, after a pretty intense breakup, I Posie decided to do some not-at-all crazy emotional manipulation, by demanding her ex-boyfriend meet her for dinner so she could give back all of his stuff.

The only problem was, this ex-boyfriend had given me Posie some pretty awesome stuff. Stuff that she kind of wanted to keep. Poor, sad Posie wanted the emotional punch that would come with giving back everything he’d ever gifted her… but she also wanted to keep most of it.

In the end, I Posie decided she couldn’t part with the computer or the perfume or the iPod Dock. So she gave back a few cheap, sentimental things that he didn’t even remember giving her, then proceeded to get very drunk and beg him to let her keep it all anyway. Take THAT, ex-boyfriend!

Obviously Posie was young and immature (cough 24 cough), and is now the epitome of maturity and grace when it comes to dealing with breakups. Just like Sarah and Jimmy.

So, spill: Have you ever done something really immature after a breakup?

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