FLUFF: Inside Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Junior's house

Got a spare $5.49 million hanging around?

Fantastic. You can buy this swanky Bel Air mansion from Sarah Michelle Gellar, 36, and Freddie Prinze Junior, 38.

With any luck, the ’90s rom-com power couple has left a few famous-person belongings hanging around. Some autographed Scooby Doo merchandise perhaps, or a family photo album of their last summer holiday. So that – wait for it, wait for it – you can yell “I Know What You Did Last Summer!” as you walk through the house.

The Crazy Ones actress and her husband of 12 years are packing up their things and their kids, Rocky and Charlotte, and moving on. For most of their marriage, SMG and FPJ have been exceptionally private – in fact, we barely heard from them or spotted them together in public. So the fact that they’ve shared photos from inside their home? This is real special.

Let’s step inside their fancy mansh, shall we?

Here’s the front of the house and the driveway. Room for all three of your cars and a pretty sweet turning circle…

A pristine bathroom, which we have to say is slightly underwhelming. Why doesn’t the spa fit 50 people? Why doesn’t it have a slide? Why is the bathroom television screen so small? Why is there only one loofa brush?

The very many closets that exist in the Gellar-Prince mansion…

The pretty exquisite bedroom, complete with fireplace nook, armchair snuggle area, walk-in closet, ensuite bathroom and carpet so delicious looking you could probably sleep on the floor…

This delightfully French-inspired kitchen with fresh sunflowers, casual bread and jam laid out for visitors and a sweet little collection of tomatoes…

And a sweeping view of the swimming pool at night time for extra dramatic effect…

If you want to imagine what Sarah “Buffy” Michelle Gellar and her silver-fox husband look like now, well, they recently treated us all to the first selfie ever taken of the couple together. In fact, this photo is the first time SMG and FPJ have been photographed together since 2007.

We reckon it was snapped inside this very home, perhaps in a walk-in closet.

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