The hidden meaning behind the hat Sarah Ferguson wore to her daughter's wedding.

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When Sarah Ferguson stepped out at her daughter Princess Eugenie’s wedding all anyone could talk about was her hat.

Mainly because it looked like a golden snitch had escaped from a Quidditch match and found a new home on her head.

It was awesome.

golden snitch
Magical. Image: Getty

The resemblance is uncanny, although it turns out the Duchess of York was not giving a nod to Harry Potter but rather her late mother Sarah Barrantes.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Fergie, 59, joked about her hat becoming a meme.

"We love the golden snitch but I hadn't realised that until afterwards. There's always something I do!"

She said the hat actually represented an 'Argentine look' to pay tribute to her mother, who eloped to Argentina with a professional polo player when Fergie was a child. She died in a car crash at Buenos Aires in 1998, aged 61.

"I sort of wanted the Spanish style for mum again," she said.

She also accessorised with the same bag her mother carried at Fergie's wedding to Prince Andrew in 1986.

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Speaking about her daughter's wedding to Jack Brooksbank in October, Fergie said that people told her to be unassuming as she arrived at St George's Chapel, but that just wasn't in her nature. The Duchess even fist pumped.

"Everyone said 'Go into the church and be demure. Don't go over the top.' But you can't. I went nuts," she said.

Addressing rumours there could be another royal wedding ahead (her own, to ex-husband Prince Andrew - yeah, it's complicated) Fergie was pretty uh, emphatic in her answer.

With time running out on the broadcast, host Piers Morgan asked her outright if she was re-marrying.

"Piers - get a life," she responded.

Boom. Never change, Fergie.