The mum who turns her daughters' lunches into art

Here's a recipe post with a twist.

We know you probably won't find the time to prepare these delicious-looking meals - but we promise you'll have just as much fun admiring how awesomely creative they are.

Samantha Lee's fabulous dinner plate creations have made her an Instagram celebrity, with over 200,000 people subscribed to her posts. Just like any other mum, Samantha was looking for a way to get her young daughters excited about their breakfast and lunch. The simple idea to shape their dinners into cute characters and stories succeeded in encouraging the girls to eat more independently, and has evolved into an ongoing project.

“I love to make something practical. Something for everyone to be able to follow,” Samantha tells Today MOMS.

“I learned that food art for kids shouldn't just look decorative and fancy. It should also taste as good as it looks.”

Samantha's edible masterpieces take roughly an hour and a half to cook and arrange, and she uses household items like scissors, knives and toothpicks to shape the food into familiar faces, animals, buildings and landscapes.

Her designs, which she sketches in a notepad before putting together, cover everything and everyone from Lady Gaga to Hello Kitty. Check out ten of our favourites in the gallery below, then head over to Samantha's Instagram account to see more.