FLUFF: Samantha Armytage shares Before and After Logies photos.

Yesterday afternoon, every television personality in the country spent hours getting glammed up for the Logies. Jesinta Campbell, Jennifer Hawkins, Rebecca Judd, Asher Keddie – they were all sitting in a chair, surrounded by a swarm of make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, publicists, and eyebrow experts. They were painted and pampered and sprinkled with glitter until they looked fairytale-perfect.

It’s a full-on beautification ritual, getting ready for the red carpet.

We really love that Samantha Armytage posted a Before and After shot from last night. This awesome comparison makes us want to run out and buy false eyelashes right now.

The Sunrise host posted these pics to her Instagram account yesterday:

And later, to show how much fun she was having, Sam shared these:

And here are all the amazing gowns and tuxedos from last night’s red carpet…

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