How Sam Frost did on her first day at work with Rove.

Radio has got to be one of the most difficult media industries to be in, right?

Without fancy sets, great styling, videos, imagery, and you know, your face — it’s just you and the microphone. And, if you’re co-hosting a show in a prime-time breakfast slot with a very big audience, even for the most seasoned professionals, that’s an intimidating task.

Sam and Rove announcing their new gig.

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Video via The Project TV

Old hand Rove McManus was joined by newbie Sam Frost this morning on 2DayFM for the debut of the Rove and Sam show. They’ve been given big shoes to fill, replacing favourites Dan and Maz on the breakfast shift, and going up against heavyweights Kyle and Jackie O on KIISFM.

Sam, poor pet, was a wee bit nervous. AND UNDERSTANDABLY SO.

From the 6am start, the tweets started rolling in as everyone was dying to have their say on the surprise new hosts. And to be honest — it was a pretty positive response.

The Bachelorette has no previous experience of presenting, unlike triple Logie award winner Rove, who’s been in front of the camera since 1997. The good news? Rove is as funny as ever, with his laid-back larrikin humor translating perfectly from the TV to the airwaves. The bad news? Sam still has a little way to go before she can relax into her role.

But hey, there’s only one first day ever, Sam — so keep at it. We all walked away from the Bachelorette feeling like your second best friend, and we have no doubt we’ll feel the same driving to work with you every morning, too.

Besides, we have major respect for anyone willing to admit they peed their pants a little bit on a date.

Aw Sam, we love ya.

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