Your phone is guaranteeing you a turkey neck.

If you are like the 99.99% of people that look at their phones this way, you are in for some pricey bills.

Mobile phones are destroying us. And I am not talking the usual – chiropractor visits, cancer worries and the couple’s counselling sessions to resolve the fight of “you’re always on your phone”.

No, mobile phones are causing much more damage than that.

They are forcing us to get plastic surgery. And no, I am not talking about the rise in nose jobs since the selfie became a thing, or the hand lifts for the perfect engagement hand selfie.

This time it is our necks.

Called “tech neck” (you know it’s a legitimate problem when it has a name), mobile phones, or looking down at your mobile phone creates loose skin, etched lines, folds, wrinkles and double chin.

Dr. James Marotta says, “In this chicken or egg situation, it’s hard to say whether our tech gadgets are causing accelerated neck aging or if we are simply noticing it more because of social media.”

Either way, the queue to get rid of the tech neck is growing longer and longer.

If you don't want surgery, you can always just look at your phone like this. All the time.

Worried? Dr. Marotta recommends non-invasive Ultherapy, which utilises the power of ultrasound. "When placed on the neck it causes thermal coagulation and encourages the body to produce its own collagen, which results in filling out wrinkles and providing a more lifted look."

Ultherapy at Silkwood Medical will cost around $2,500 for your lower face and neck (as all the muscles are connected). It requires no downtime, and takes about 3 months before you start seeing the tightening results. And while you will only need a single session, if you want to keep it maintained (and continue using your phone), a yearly top up is recommended.

If you aren't a fan of cosmetic procedures, the other alternative is to stop using your phone.

Yeah right.

So the other other alternative is to always hold your phone up while you look at it. Similar to how people used to hold their phone 30 centimetres in the air thinking the difference would mean better reception to the satellite thousands of kilometers in space.

The side effects would be: it'll make you look strange, and you will probably bump into more things than when you are looking down at your phone, but at least you will have a nice neck. Until gravity takes over.

So...would you get a cosmetic procedure to prevent your neck from getting wrinkly too early?'

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