How your car needs to change when you have kids.

Because kids need a lot of stuff.

I have a confession to make.

When I was 17 and just getting my licence all I wanted was a canary yellow bubble car.

I know, I know, that’s super embarrassing. But it’s true.

I thought yellow bubble cars were the absolute must-have car for teenage girls.

Unfortunately my bank account did not agree and I never got my bubble car. It still pains me to this day.

In hindsight though, it wasn’t a bad thing as when I fell pregnant my yellow bubble car, no matter how zippy and cute, would hardly have been appropriate for my new family.

My dream has always been a yellow bubble car.

I remember the night we found out we were pregnant. One of the first sentences out of my partner’s mouth was, “Oh my god we need a new car.

True story.

Literally one of the first things we considered when we saw two lines on the pee stick was the fact we would need a new car.

And not just a new car but new stuff to put IN the car. Before I had a baby my car was always clean. Maybe a few pairs of heels on the floor, a gym bag and the odd coffee cup.

Boy was I in for a shock. I had no idea how having a family would change my car.

Some of the items that have ended up in my car include:

Just FYI, this post is sponsored by Maxi-Cosi. But all opinions expressed by the author are 100% authentic and written in their own words.

1. First aid kit

Children hurt themselves a lot and always at the worst times. There is always a first aid kit hidden either in my glove box or under the front seat. It never moves and regularly gets replenished.

2. Spare clothes

Some things that will end up in your car are: ten sets of clothes for the child, every jumper the kid owns, three umbrellas (two of which are broken), five dummies, four baby blankets, eight spare nappies, three of your own jackets and a change of clothes for yourself (trust me on this one).

3. Sporting equipment

Both kids started swimming at six months. It started at towels and goggles but has now increased to bikes, soccer balls and tennis

rackets, just to name a few.

Kids have A LOT of things

4. Kid paraphernalia

Mini-humans may be tiny but they need a lot of stuff. Like A LOT. Prams, baby bags, school bags, hats, drink bottles, lunch boxes. I don’t know where it all comes from.

Now, as they get older and our family grows, we are looking at upgrading again. we are looking at the list of things we require in a car that will hold our ever growing list of child related goods.

Sadly awesome yellow bubble car is still not on the list. But these things are.

1. An impeccable safety rating

We love our kids and we want them to be safe. Even in the 6 years since my eldest was born cars and car safety have come so far. Airbags in every spare corner of the car, reversing cameras and automatic breaking are just a few features I find important.


2. Fuel economy

Because raising kids is expensive. Mega expensive. Saturday soccer trips, swimming lessons and doctors appointments can be far and wide. The last thing you want is a car that costs a fortune to run

3. Decent seating plan

Wide enough back seat so our growing young men aren’t squished. Some small zippy cars are awesome to scoot around the city but there’s no way you can cram 3 car seats along the back of them.

Even if your kids are past car seats, kids these days grow exceedingly fast and before long they’ll be taller than us. I do not want to deal with my 13 year old son whinging he has no room for his legs.

Also consider extra seats, somehow when you have kids they multiply in numbers quickly, even if they aren’t all your own – friends, cousins etc. There’s always at least one extra you are doing a drop off or pick up for.

(Just quietly, I think it was this point that kicked the yellow bubble car from our list).

4. Car seat anchors/car seats 

We all want our baby to be super-duper cosy and safe.

Babies and kids may take a lot of looking after and have ridiculous amounts of childhood paraphernalia but they are also super special and incredibly cute so you want them (nay, need them) to be super-duper cosy and safe too. Choosing a car with ISOFIX anchorage points is a big consideration as ISOFIX compatible car seats will soon be available for purchase in Australia, making car seat installation a million times easier. They are top of my list.

Sending a new parent to a baby shop for a car seat uneducated is like sending a man to buy you tampons. They’re going to buy one too big or too small and either it won’t fit or it’ll be loose and no one is safe or comfortable.

It just doesn’t work. So research before you go.

5. Technology

Let’s face it. The technology is available so why not use it. Safety technology like reversing cameras is paramount but also entertainment options such as DVD players in head rests and blue tooth capabilities, because you shouldn’t drive while holding a mobile.

Basically I’d gone from wanting a chic-cool-trendy car to functional-comfy-appropriately sized-safe car. It’s funny how quickly it all happened.

BUT, if anyone happens to know a yellow bubble car that fits this criteria please get in touch. My 17-year-old inner self would be forever in your debt.

How has your car changed post-kids?

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