Ryan Reynolds gets his daughter's birth story slightly wrong.

Ryan Reynolds, 38 has to be one of our favourite most ‘adorkable’ (adorably dorky) dads. He is smitten with his wife Blake Lively, 27, and constantly admits that he is learning a lot in his new father role.

He spoke on Conan about being a new father, admitting that his daughter, James’ first word had been ‘mama’. Reynolds said that Lively had an unfair advantage because she had boobs, which turned out to be a life support for a new baby. So he was just, “the breastless a**hole walking around the room.”

Ryan Reynolds on Conan. Image via @vancityreynolds Instagram.

But the new dad said he was very proud in his new father role and spoke about his experience in the delivery room, from the day James was born on August 4 this year.

When explaining his time in the delivery room, we think the doting dad may have accidentally mixed up his choice of descriptive words.

He said that his wife had been a 'mercenary' while in the delivery suite - making jokes and allowing the midwife to take a personal call.

But we're not so sure 'mercenary' was the word he was looking for. Basically, he just said that his wife was like a person taking part in armed conflict - someone who is solely motivated to take part in the conflict for personal gain...

It seems slightly left of field.

We doubt she looked like this in labour. Image via @blakelively Instagram.

But Reynolds didn't notice his slip and continued to admit that he 'saw things' while in the delivery room - admitting that it was amazing.

The Green Lantern actor also admitted that he was a terrible coach, and had tried to go for a few high fives with his wife during labour with no response from her.

"There was just a lot of clapping. I went for a couple of high fives but she did not," he said on Conan.

Reynolds was in some hot water earlier this year when he posted a photo of himself carrying baby James' in a baby carrier. Many of his followers said they were concerned for James' safety as Reynolds wasn't carrying her properly. You can read about it here.

The offending photo. Image via @vancityreynolds Instagram.

But it seems that Reynolds is enjoying his fatherhood role, learning a lot and is extremely proud of the mother of his child.

We just want to wrap the three of them up because they're the cutest young family in Hollywood right now (and we wouldn't say any of them are mercenary's).

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