Rosie Waterland was right! Osher is locked in a dungeon.

Rosie is a psychic.

S.O.S. Save Osher’s Soul.

Channel Ten and DO keep the immaculately quiffed Bachelor/ette host in a dungeon. And they’re not even embarrassed about it, sharing evidence of Osher’s captivity on Instagram.

Apparently, Osher is already in position, eagerly awaiting the next season of Australia’s favourite dating show (and the recaps that come along with it of course).

Rosie is thrilled (and concerned on the inside we’re sure).
“OMFG IT’S OSHIE INSIDE THE CHANNEL TEN DUNGEON I KNEW IT EXISTED I KNEW IT. (via @ten_insider – who literally keep making my life)” she posted.

At least his sleeping bag looks warm!

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