Snake is one of your most compatible signs. This translates into 11 favorable, one neutral and no unfavorable months this year. It's time to play big. Get your career moving. Make some money. Turn up the heat in your love life. Travel. Go to school. It doesn't really matter what you do – just do it. Let people see your best. Luck is with you too. This is a Water year, and your fixed element is Metal. In Chinese astrology, those two have a favorable relationship, so don't hold back. If something has scared you off in the past, now is the time to attack it.


Under the influence of the Snake, this could be one of your best years in a long time. There are a wealth of opportunities out there, so it's just a matter of you choosing wisely. Two key traits that will propel you to new heights are determination and diligence. Your mind will be flowing with new ideas. Drive them to the finish line with clear, actionable plans. This is a favourable time for you. Enjoy it.


You probably think of love as a shackle, that if you settle for a partner you'll be missing out on something better. Love can set you free just as much as it can hold you down. It's up to you to decide. Find a new love or turn the one you have into heavenly bliss. Also, it does not hurt to strut your stuff a little. You have no problem drawing a little attention to yourself. Put on a show for a potential lover and they're sure to be very appreciative of your efforts!


For the most part, you are looking at a strong, solid year – as long as you take care of yourself. Strange as it may sound, try to avoid bad air-quality areas. Don't think that just because you feel good you can get lazy about maintaining a healthy diet. Last year was likely a bit on the excessive side. Prudent thinking is mandatory in 2013. Think twice when choosing between a salad and a steak!


What do you want to do financially this year? Maybe it's time to modernise your life a bit. Perhaps a new tablet computer with an e-trade app will help keep you up-to-date on the stock market. If you have a little extra cash to spare, think about diversifying internationally. For instance, a beachside condo overseas could serve many purposes!

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