Robyn Lawley shares her favourite beauty products, snacks, and ways to stay fit.

It goes without saying that models know a thing or two about beauty products — after all, they work with the top stylists, brands and makeup artists in the industry.

So when Robyn Lawley was in Sydney to launch Pantene’s new 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner earlier this year, we seized the opportunity to pick her brain about all things beauty, fitness and food (she is a cookbook author, remember).

Without further ado, here are a few of Robyn’s favourite things.

Beauty buys


“I love the NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($41) in Walkyrie or Sex Machine — all those fanciful names.”

Eye makeup

“Benefit’s High Beam ($45). I love using a shimmer or highlighter.”

A few of Robyn's favourite things. (Images: NARS, Dr Hauschka, Benefit)


"I use a few different types. I like Chanel's Vitalumiere ($89), and I also like Benefit Oxygen Wow foundation ($62) — I don't wear foundation that much but when I go out I'll wear that."

At-home treatment

"SK-II facial treatment masks ($28) are great. If anything I look like a crazy person. It's very serial killer-y."

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 Skincare product

"Dr Hauschka's Rose Day Cream. Because my face gets so dry, I need really hardcore cream. It's actually really expensive here, but in America or in Germany it's a pharmacy brand and it's 10 Euros. I once bought it here and paid $120 for it." ($62)


Hair product

"The Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (out now), mainly because it's a conditioner and treatment in one. It's lucky they brought this product out because my hair was dying — well it is dead, technically — but when you're working as much as I do with the hair dryers and straighteners and curling irons and heat damage it gets pretty ratty."

Well, if it'll result in hair this lovely... (Images: Pantene)

 Fitness picks

Way to stay fit

"Kickboxing. I like that I get to hit something really hard repeatedly... no, I actually love it for the technique. You're so focused on trying to get it right and get better every single time that you really kill yourself.

"I like it. My knuckles are hating me for it, though. You know cauliflower ears? I'm getting cauliflower knuckles, I'm going to have to start wrapping them better. But it's such a fun sport."

Watch: Some of the activewear we're loving right now. (Post continues after video.)

Activewear brand

"I love Lululemon. They just brought out tall pants, so I was like, 'If I couldn't like you any more, I like you a lot more'. They're like martial arts pants, they're super long. I was very excited about that. I usually just wear a daggy T shirt on top. I don't know why I never wear or buy fitness tops — I'm very un-glamorous working out, I'm daggy central."

Foodie favourites

Healthy snack

"I love avocados — I will eat them like an apple. Guacomole is probably my five minute snack. I grow coriander now, so I can do guacamole all year 'round." (Post continues after gallery.)

'I really can't be assed cooking' dinner

"My boyfriend and I are really good at Mexican, so we'll do quesadillas if we're really tired. You can do it in, like, five minutes but you still have quite a nice meal at the end. You still feel like you've made something even though you've just put some things in a wrap. We like making bean quesadillas and we use avocado and salsa and sour cream and cheese. If you've got lentils you can add those."

What are your 'favourite things' right now?