Robert Pattinson's 25 hottest GIFs

What better way to make it through the week than with a look at the sexiest moments from everyone’s favourite ex-vampire, Robert Pattinson. We searched through hundreds of Robert Pattinson GIFs to find 25 that perfectly encapsulate his hotness. Dedicated to your happiness, we are …

1. Check out those blue eyes.

2. And that smile!

3. That’s the one.

4. Kind of makes you want to do this.

5. Or this.

6. Or maybe this.

7. Come on, you know you were thinking it.

8. Don’t be embarrassed!

9. Let’s move on to his sexy quirks, like the running-his-hands-through his hair thing…

10. The lip-licking thing…

11. … and the guitar-playing thing.

12. In no way do we condone smoking. We’re just acknowledging that Rob looks really good doing it.

13. Then again, he makes this toothpick look pretty good, too.

14. You know what’s always sexy? A guy who loves to read.

15. Old-timey underwear works for him, too.

16. Hey Rob, let’s wrestle!

17. Or maybe go for a swim?

18. You may now kiss the bride. Or nuzzle her with your nose. That’s cuter, let’s go with that.

19. Best wake-up call ever.

20. Rob is bringing sexy back.

21. He’s also bringing sexy front.

22. He can do formal sexy…

23…. or casual sexy…

24. … or crazy sexy cool.

25. Hey Rob, you got much planned this weekend?