FLUFF: Rihanna's nipples banned from Instagram.


Rihanna’s not what you’d call shy. She is, incidentally, what you’d call topless. Often.

This week, Rihanna‘s been posting a series of bare-chested photographs on her Instagram account – most of them from  a Vogue Brazil editorial, all of them gorgeous. The coy Hand-Bra style ones were allowed to stay – like this one here.

But when 26-year-old Ri-Ri posted a photo with her nipples showing, Instagram officially banned it and took it down from her profile.

Rihanna and her 13 million fans obviously strongly believe that The Nipples Ri-Ri should be free and untethered by the laws of Instagram. So they’ve responded to the banning decision in a number of pretty-cool ways.

But first, here’s the photo that was banned (nipples blurred). She’s on the cover of Lui magazine, who clearly do not have a No Nudity policy.

Here’s the illustrated version a super-fan drew so that Rihanna could still have her nipples – illustrated though they are – on Instagram.

And here’s the meme Rihanna posted, also made by a fan. It’s Ri-Ri’s face superimposed on a photo from the ’80s, obviously.

And, finally, to really prove her point – that The Nipples Ri-Ri deserve an airing – Rihanna posted a photograph of a bus with the magazine cover on it.

Man, this bus really makes Instagram look like a prude.

And if you need some more Rihanna time, here she is again…

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