Ricki-Lee hits back at commentary about her decision not to have kids.

And the critics won’t be changing her mind. 

Ricki-Lee Coulter’s revelation that she and fiance Richard Harrison don’t want kids sparked wide debate. Well known broadcaster Bianca Dye even wrote a lengthy blog warning the singer that she will regret her decision.

And Ricki has had enough.

“My choices are my choices and my reasons for making those choices are my reasons. Nobody can question that. I don’t question anybody’s decisions in their lives,” the 28-year-old singer told Confidential.

Ricki-lee and Rich. Image via @therickilee on Instagram.

"I’ve been around long enough to know that people like to state their opinion, but what I do with my ovaries is my business. The moment I was asked about having kids, I had a split second where I wondered: Should I fluff over this and not really answer the question? I get asked the question all the time, and this would’ve just prolonged it. I decided to be honest," she told

"Because I am so honest and open, it can be a double edged sword, because people feel entitled to give an opinion. I don’t want people to think I’m being flippant — I understand how important it is to some women, and how hard it is for some women, but it’s not for me."

And she's recently spoken about why.

Ricki opened up about own experiences with her single mother, Loretta Sheerin revealing how much she wishes her mother had been around more.

While Loretta juggled four jobs as a cleaner, a shop worker, painter and singer, there just wasn't enough time to be with her girls.

Ricki Lee as a child.

"My mother was amazing, but I wasn't babied, or canoodled, she was too busy holding down four jobs to put a roof over our heads and feed us," Ricki Lee told Daily Mail.

"Sometimes I wish she could be with me and I missed her. But I understood she was working hard for us."

Despite her somewhat lonely upbringing, Ricki says she wouldn't "change it for the world."

She is more than thankful that she got her mother's "work ethic and drive," which since finishing Australian Idol, had led to a string of success.

Since Ricki-Lee's mother met her now step-dad John, she now has the father-figure in her life she's been craving.

Ricki Lee and her fiancé Richard aren't looking to have children.

"Growing up I say my friends with their dads. I would go home with my friends a lot, play netball with my friends... [John] is an amazing man."

As for her not wanting children?

"It's just the way I feel about it. It's for a number of reasons, I love them, I just don't want my own."

Did your upbringing impact your decisions about children?

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