Let's all be real: Richie's mum was the real star of The Bachelor finale.

Last night Australia tuned into the final episode of The Bachelor and fell in love with a single mum.

No, not you, Alex.

We’re talking about Richie’s mum, the incomparable Kate Strahan.

With a death stare that could rival even Julie Bishop’s, Kate’s no-BS approach to meeting the two women vying for her son’s affections was exactly the kind of “real sh*t” (to quote Olena) the show desperately needs.

Oozing classic mum by referring to her adult son almost exclusively by his full name, Kate was on a mission to make sure “Richard” wasn’t about to be taken for a ride.

The look on her face when she found out about Alex’s young son, 5-year-old Elijah, should go on the cover of a Best Bachelor Reactions coffee table book.

“I saw Kate’s eyes go from open to OPEN,” Alex recalled off camera.

“I just didn’t expect it,” Kate conceded, which she made very clear when she grilled her minutes later.

“How in depth have you explained to Richard the responsibility that you’re asking him to take on?” She asked.

“What about the nitty gritty?”

Good. Bloody. Question.

And then there was her meeting with Nikki, which took a slight turn when she discovered the Northam girl had ended a twelve and a half year relationship just six months before her wedding (better late than never though, in my humble opinion).

“Miss Chill turning into Miss Grill,” she said as the smile dropped from her face.

Last night the Bach Chat team were pretty enamoured with Kate as well, take a listen here. Post continues… 

Let’s face it though, after two minutes of so-called grilling in which she memorably asked if Nikki was a “basket case” it was pretty clear Kate was — like a lot of Australia — #TeamNikki:


“I could see Nikki fitting into our family really well, that would please me more than anything.”

We can only imagine her reaction to his final decision…

Just kidding, she’s probably chuffed that Richard’s finally found The One.

A thousand roses for Kate and one for Richie’s sister Alana who is clearly a real life angel.