The $12 wonder drops that dry your nails instantly

Images: The Glow.

Who has the time to let their nails dry anymore? No one, that’s who.

That’s why I want to tell you about a genius nail product that will change the way you do your nails forever. Introducing Revitanail’s Instant Dry Drops, $12.99.

To apply: paint your nails as usual, I did two coats of Seed’s Dark Plum, one coat of topcoat (L’Oreal Paris’ 2-in-1 Protect) and dropped Revitanail at the base of my cuticle. You let the watery solution flow to the tip of your nail. It says it takes one minute to dry, but I left it for about ten seconds before I started typing again, and it still did a pretty good job. Once dry the drops prevent nail polish from chipping or smudging.

I even tried it with my Chanel Eastern Lights nail polish which disappointingly chips off after one day, every time - and with Revitanail's Instant Dry Drops it lasted for nine days. Nine days! For an impatient nail polish painter and frequent chipper, that's a record for me.

The product recommends you applying it over a topcoat, but being the naughty time-poor beauty editor I am, I've skipped the topcoat step before and it STILL works.

Revitanail's Instant Dry Drops, $12.99 available from Chemists Warehouse.

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