Watch this company turn hate into love

Today’s Good News post is brought to you by Vaalia.

For the next four weeks we’ll be bringing you a little dose of good news. Sometimes when we turn on the TV, radio or open a newspaper, it feels like everything in the world is just sad and wrong. But there are pockets of delight and happiness, which we’ll be uncovering and bringing to you.

You’ve probably never heard of Honey Maid, but after watching this video you’ll have an overwhelming urge to give them a hearty high five.

Last month, the popular American snack brand launched a new advertising campaign featuring a number of families – among them a same-sex couple and their son.

As the tagline “This is Wholesome” indicates, Honey Maid has no problem with the fact that times have changed and modern families now come in all shapes and sizes – but, unfortunately, many of their customers do.

The company received a barrage of hateful, homophobic comments about the gay parents in the ad, with several disgruntled shoppers threatening to boycott their products altogether. Conservative groups in the US also spoke out against the families depicted.

Rather than losing all hope in humanity and giving up, Honey Maid responded by turning their critics’ hatred into love. Quite literally.

In a follow-up video, two artists are depicted rolling up print-outs of the negative comments and assembling the paper tubes in the shape of the L-word, proving beyond all doubt that love conquers all – and that it’s possible to stick it to the haters without stooping to their level.

Watch the response video here. We defy you not to smile.

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