Reporters slammed for venturing right into the path of Cyclone Debbie.

While Category 4 Cyclone Debbie hurls 250km/h winds at the Queensland coast, television journalists are venturing right into its path in an effort to report its devastating effects first-hand.

But according to Whitsunday Shire councillor Mike Brunker, it’s about time they “pull their heads in” and take shelter, just like emergency services have advised.

“If a sign flies off a guide post in 120km winds it’ll just cut your head off, and if that happens on live TV, how would you feel?,” he told AAP.

reporters outside during cyclone debbie
Channel 7 and Channel 9 reporters face the fury of Cyclone Debbie.

Both The Today Show and Sunrise this morning had reporters posted out in the elements, clad in raincoats and fighting against the gale-force winds.

Channel 9 reporter Brittany Kleyn was even forced to stop her live broadcast from Mackay when conditions deteriorated.

"We might just leave it there for a minute and go inside," Kleyn told Today co-host Lisa Wilkinson. "Just to make sure that our crew do remain safe."


Meanwhile, Sunrise's David Koch was forced to duck for cover when winds shattered a light on the roof the Bowen balcony from which he was reporting.

Brunker, who lives in Bowen and was previously mayor of the region, called on broadcasters to take more care both for their own sake and that of the public.

"You've got one goose down on the front beach here at Bowen, standing there getting blown away and people go for a drive then and go see where they are," Mr Brunker told AAP.

Dozens of television viewers have today echoed the councillor's sentiment via social media, tweeting their disbelief that journalists have been stationed in Debbie's firing line.

Still, hosts of both Sunrise and Today this morning insisted on air that no staff were in harm's way.

"We're not stupid," Koch told viewers.

"With these cyclones, you're just in awe of nature.

"When you think you're getting a bit too big for your boots, a cyclone like Debbie comes along and says, 'Pfft, you're insignificant'."

(Case in point... the storm from space.)

The slow-moving storm made landfall near Airlie Beach around lunch time after battering islands in the Whitsundays earlier Tuesday morning.

During her appearance on Sunrise today, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk urged residents to heed the advice of emergency services.

"There is a false sense of security by a lot of people who feel that they can venture outside, have a look around, see what damage is being done and become a tourist. This cannot happen," she said.

"So please, everyone, stay indoors and be safe."

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