The gutsiest interview you'll ever watch: "I'll wear this veil for God but not for you."

In this clip, television host Riham Said shows that she’s got serious guts.

In an interview for Sabaya el-Kheir on Al-Nahar TV – an Egyptian television channel that has come into conflict with religious clerics in the past – Said clashes with Cleric Yousuf Badri.

Before the interview, the two have had a discussion about whether or not Said should be required to wear a hijab on air. Said agrees but is concerned and then, less than a minute into their discussion – she changes her mind. Her message? That she’ll wear a veil for God but not for a man.

To break it down:

At 1.05, a verbal fight begins. During the discussion, Said’s hijab comes off.

At 1.50, Yousuf Badri demands that they change the subject, and that Said put her hijab back on.

Said replies, “I’m not going to put it on. I will wear it for god, not for you.”

At 2.06, Badri threatens, “I sued Al-Nahar TV, as you well know. The trial is in May. It was postponed. I will shut your channel down.”

At 2.49, Said speaks directly to the camera: “This is the kind of person who sues TV channels, attacks the media, and puts on a show for the viewers. It is very unfortunate that people like this peddle our religion.”

At 2.56, Said leaves the interview. She says, “I’m the one that is leaving, not you.”