This is what real beauty looks like

Hey regular-size women of Australia, listen up. Don’t ever compare yourself to ridiculously airbrushed images of gorgeous she-bots in lingerie ever again.

Here are some real-size women looking gorgeous in lingerie. Can you look just as beautiful as they do in your underwear? YES YOU CAN.

The world of plus-size modeling has exploded, and with good reason. Women are sick of being told their not thin enough, they’re not beautiful enough. Listen up modeling industry – women come in all shapes and sizes. Keep ignoring us and we’ll ignore you right back.

Real-size women are featuring on more covers and ad campaigns than ever before. Soon it will become the norm.

Chrystal Bougon, owner of plus-size lingerie store Curvy Girl, told Huffington Post, “There are so many pictures of models in lingerie, but I’m constantly asked for pictures of our products on ‘regular’ bodies… In the fashion world, anything over size 4 (Australian size 8) is considered plus-size. I know, it’s a big joke.”

Bougon is now using her store to promote a campaign called Regular Women. She says, “Inspired by a customer, I wanted to show that women with rolls, bumps, lumps, scars, stretch marks, surgery scars and natural breasts that have nursed babies can be stunning and beautiful.”

The Facebook page has been flooded with ‘likes’ and photos from women who’d like to join the campaign.

Here are some of our favourite photos from the Regular Women campaign. To add yours, email us at

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