The most talked about looks of the week

We’ve rounded up the best of the weeks red carpet looks; expect lots of sequins, floor length gowns, metallic belts and maybe even a pantsuit. We’ve also included some highlights from the BAFTA and Grammy awards, if you missed them yesterday you can see the full red carpet galleries of the BAFTA Awards HERE and the Grammys HERE.

Along with the must-see looks we’re also bringing you the fashion tidbits that caught our eye this week, let us know what you think in the comments below.

Sneaker heels, they’re baaack.

There’s another fashion trend afoot that’s proving ugly shoes will continue to haunt our future collective minds (and wardrobes) for another season.  As if the robotic-bondage heel, brogue flatform and orthopaedic clog of last season weren’t enough to scar us, I’d like to introduce (or reintroduce) you to the sneaker heel.

Senior fashion editor at Lucky magazine, Eleanor Strauss, has already been snapped wearing them at New York Fashion Week (picture left) and fashion blog Refinery29 is saying yes to bringing back the Spice Girl staple, “if Posh can have a career beyond “Wannabe,” the ’90s shoe trend deserves another chance, too. And a few designers are doing the very best to make that happen…. Chloé toyed with the idea of a chic sneaker heel back in 2010, and Isabel Marant really took it to the next level with her puffy sneaker wedge.”

What do you think, yay or nay?

Who doesn’t drop $5,000 on a bottle of nail polish?

Seeing what goes into the goodie bags given away at award ceremonies is always an insight into how the other half live. Word is that at the Grammys, gel nail polish brand, Red Carpet Manicure designed a 24-carat gold nail polish for the gift lounge this year.

Over an ounce of gold dust was used to create the limited-edition polish, Amor 24, which will retail for -ahem- $5,000 a bottle.

Goldfinger indeed.

Kate Moss: Saint or sinner?

These images of Kate Moss are from an editorial shoot for W magazine, in it she appears as both good and bad versions of herself. In one image she is holding a crucifix while wearing a halo and white dress and in another, she is reclining legs akimbo wearing a shiny black PVC nun’s uniform.

According to the Daily Mail, “The accompanying interview compares the 38-year-old model to the beautiful Dorian Grey, the protagonist in Oscar Wilde’s renowned novel who sells his soul to stay young while an ageing portrait in his attic reminds him of the effects of his debauched lifestyle.”

Author of the W article, Will Self writes on the magazine’s website: “Moss has aged and continues to age—not gracefully, for she’s a suburban hellion from the outer limits of Cockneydom, but beguilingly… Her life has been a slalom through the toxicities of fame and success”

Lady Gaga performed in a nun’s habit in February last year, Nicki Minaj bought the ‘Pope’ as her date to the Grammys and now Kate is sporting a nun’s habit and casually holding a black crucifix; what do you think of the depiction of religion as a fashion statement?