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Samantha Lewthwaite
Samantha Lewthwaite


1. International crime organisation Interpol has issued a “red alert” for a woman named Samantha Lewthwaite. Lewthwaite is also known as the “white widow” and is believed to be the woman behind the Kenyan mall terrorist attacks last week.

According to Reuters, the Interpol alert in unrelated to what happened in Nairobi and instead relates to “charges of possession of explosives and conspiracy to commit a felony dating back to December 2011.”

You can read more about the white widow here.

2. Surgeons in Afghanistan have successfully removed the extra head of an eight-week-old baby who was born with two.

Asree Gul is a twin and it’s believed that her extra head was the result of a third child who was conceived but failed to develop as it should.

Following the operation, the surgeon who preformed the procedure pro bono said: “One girl was in good health but the other had an abnormality. She had an extra head attached to her head…. We separated the extra head from her body.”


3. Former Labor leader Mark Latham continues to make headlines. This time it’s for a blistering tirade against current leadership hopeful Anthony Albanese that was published in the Australian Financial Review. Latham called Albanese an “intellectual lightweight” and said his political instincts were “terrible”, before also condemning his speech at the beginning of his campaign for Labor leadership, calling it one of the “worst speeches in Labor history”. Latham continued, “If he wins next month’s leadership ballot, he will be a case study in inner-city, left-wing bunkum.”

man who grew nose on forehead4. A 22-year-old man from China has grown a replacement nose on his forehead, after his nose became infected after a car crash and could not be fixed.

Xiaolian’s new nose was grown by placing a skin tissue expander onto his forehead, slicing it into the shape of a nose, and implanting cartilage from his ribs. At a later stage, surgeons will remove the nose and place it in the usual position.

5. In a surprising move, the department of Indonesia’s foreign minister Marty Natalegawa has released a statement about his recent discussions with the Australian government, and said that the new government’s asylum seeker policy could damage relations between the two countries.

The statement says that Dr Natalegawa and Julie Bishop recently discussed the policy, with Natalegawa emphasising that the issue of asylum seekers should be handled through regional cooperation agreements that already exist.

6. Although the Netherlands have called for the immediate release of two Greenpeace activists being detained by Russia, a Russian court has ordered that they be detained for two months over a protest about an Arctic oil platform.

The activists have been accused of piracy. Denis Sinyakov, a Russian photographer, and Roman Dolgov, a Greenpeace expert, will be detailed until November 24.

7. The Federal Government has stepped in to speed up the development of coal seam gas mining projects in NSW, in response to a “gas crisis”. Federal Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane said yesterday that he would like to see more CSG rigs in place “by Christmas”, and that he was working with the NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell to overcome resistance from farmers, landowners and other members of the community.

8. A QLD police officer has been injured when she was shot during an armed hold up on the Gold Coast. The 50-year-old veteran police officer was reportedly shot in the face and the neck during a shoot out – he’s in a serious condition but is expected to survive. Two of the offenders were also shot and are now under police guard in hospital.

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