Rebecca Judd on kids, guilt and the importance of a family-sized hot tub.

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When you tell people you are interviewing Rebecca Judd, they all want to know one thing. Well, two things.

How thin is she? And, does she eat?

I can’t imagine how it feels to have the circumference of your waist be the most talked-about topic in your life. But when you are Bec Judd, it’s just the kind of thing you just get used to.

Because, with 440,000 followers on Instagram, a Lifestyle blog, four beauty schools and two TV gigs, Bec Judd is no longer a model, she is a brand. And she certainly doesn’t have time to be worrying about what you think about her weight.

She’s too busy dealing with two little kids. Here she talks about the moment she got back on the catwalk after birth of her first child, Oscar.

But back to business. Recording this podcast with Bec about how she manages her life was the second time I have interviewed her and I can report that she is excellent company, and talking through her “average day” – which starts with a home-made brew that would please the most irritating coffee snob, and ends with two very famous people sitting on their lounges watching football with their latops on their knees – is a strangely familiar experience.

Image: Instagram/@becjudd.

She's a woman who knows exactly what she thinks about things. It's not an accident that the time Bec Judd's blog crashed under the weight of obsessive users was when she wrote a piece the pressure mums are under to be thin but not too thin, curvy but not too curvy, get back in shape but not too fast.

"Thin used to be a body type, now it's an illness," she tells me about the critics of her own size. "I have always been thin. My mum is thin. She used to get teased for being thin so we knew we would do, too."

But she has also weighed in with guest posts from her own midwife about birth and babies, and tells me that she makes no apologies for being a strict mum.

"I never give empty threats," she tells me. "I say that if you do that again, you will go to your room. So if Billie's banging a book on Oscar's head, and I tell her if you do that again the book's going, it goes... And she'll kick and scream and carry on like she's being stabbed. But what do you know, she never does it again."


That time I stood next to Bec Judd. Yes, people, she's TALL.

And one thing you never see on Instagram but definitely, definitely happens? Rebecca Judd's kids have tanties. Or, at least, her little Billie does.

"Oscar never ever had a tantrum in public, but Billie doesn't care... she will throw herself on the floor. I just do the 'goodbye, Billie' and I just walk and she quickly comes up and follows me, "Mummy, Mummy Mummy!"

"And she'll try it on, she'll flog chocolates and put them in the bottom of the pram and I'll be like, 'No, take them back.' And she'll have the tantrum People know it's me, people know it's her, but I'm still going to do the right thing. I've still got to be a parent. I'm not going to say, "okay, have the chocolates and stop crying." In my eye that's not parenting her well. So I'm still like, 'See you later, Billie."

The kind of thing that Bec's (Post continues after gallery.)

Of course Bec Judd eats. She eats stolen chocolate with her kids (JOKES), she eats dinner every night with her husband, Chris Judd, and she fits in exercise where she can. She's just like you, except she has a "glam squad" for events. Yes, I want one of those, too.

True, the Judd family bonding activity of choice involves a daily family spa, where everyone gets in the hot tub, whatever the weather, at the end of the day, to debrief. It's the thing that Bec Judd misses the most when she's away for work, keeping up with the kids via Facetime and Skype and rushed calls home - the family spa.

Not quite "just like us", but close.

What is your absolute favourite part of your day?

You can listen to the full episode of Rebecca Judd's I Don't Know How She Does It below.