What happens when you force tabloid magazines to tell the truth.

Every time Rihanna leaves the house, her nipples make the news.

If Amy Adams dares to visit the supermarket without make-up on, her photograph is printed everywhere.

Claire Danes can’t go for a jog without being accused of flaunting her figure.

Without famous women’s bodies, the tabloid industry would have nothing to write about. That’s why Vagenda magazine decided to give them a reality check – by asking women online to replace sexist headlines with honest ones.

This is what happens when a group of truth warriors go on a guerrilla headline-subversion spree.

Here are my three favourite headline hacks. Scroll through the rest and let us know yours…

They’re just really, really excellent, aren’t they?

Flick through all the other clever headline hacks here, and if you’re sweet with computers, add your own below.