Well, how about that! Did you know the Snake was going to be so good to you? Yup, 66 percent favorable means you're looking at a great year. Snake is a 'head' sign – just like the Rat – so thinking and using your wits are what this year is all about for you. You have a good chance of getting what you go after. A word of caution: Snake is a lot more deliberate and cautious than Rat.

To get the best results, you may have to curb your impulsiveness. Be a bit more careful. Snake patience will carry you a long way. This is also a Water year, which is fabulous because Rat just happens to be Water as well. You're in your element! Your communications skills will work for you, as will networking. This is no time to hold back. Get out there and make it happen for yourself!


Use your brains a lot at work? If you do, this could be a big year for you. The Snake also favors an in-depth approach, so get all the facts. Dig deep. Find out everything you can about whatever it is you might be working on. Along these same lines, now is the time to go for continuing education, or learn something new that makes you invaluable. The Snake favours students. As for your situation…you have a 66 percent rating, which means you should really go for it in 2013!


The Snake favours connecting with people on a mental level. This may not sound romantic, but you can rest assured that one thing will lead to another! You tend to know a lot of people of the opposite sex. However, how many of them do you let into your inner sanctum, oh Rat? If you want the help of the Snake this year, then you may want to let a select few people in. You may feel rather uncomfortable at first in allowing yourself to be so exposed, but this very act of showing trust could open you up to a whole new level of intimacy in the Year of the Snake.


No need for major concern, but be aware that health issues could arise this year. First off, be kind to your kidneys. Two, get your spine checked out and look into exercises that will improve the strength of your back. As a Rat, your biggest risk this year is stressing yourself out. Mental stimulation will be at a high. This is great as long as you don't let it overwhelm you. All in all, you shouldn't have much to worry about this year as long as you take the standard precautions. Be well!


The Snake year is not as auspicious as last year's Dragon year for you, but there will still be some great opportunities for you in 2013. You may find your thoughts swirling and your ambitions soaring. Be sure to pick your moments, and cash in on the intelligent investments you made during the Dragon year. If you're looking for new territory to explore, tech investments are a decent way to go in the Year of the Snake.

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