Racing hats and headwear: an inspiration gallery.

There aren’t many occasions in life when it’s acceptable to dress your head up in ridiculous colours and creations. Two such times spring to mind. There’s Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding (I assume my invitation was lost in the mail?) and then there’s the races.

And with the Flemington Spring Carnival only a couple of days away, what better opportunity to talk about the horses hats that stop the nation.

If you’re off to the races and need some magic inspiration dust, here’s a gallery of the headpieces that have caught our eyes over the past few years. And if you’re not going to the races, but you just like looking at pretty pictures, you’ll also enjoy this.

The rules for hats and fascinators at this year’s carnival? There are no rules.

That’s the advice from milliner Philip Treacy – the man behind Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding head piece  – who is in Melbourne for the carnival. He said in the SMH:

”I don’t really believe in trends for hats because hats should be a symbol of individuality. No woman wants to bump into somebody else in a similar hat,” he says.

”I think people should choose something that says something about who they are and makes them feel good.

”The races are also an opportunity to be a bit daring,” he says.

”A lot of people don’t always have the confidence to wear a hat but what they don’t necessarily understand is that the hat actually gives you confidence.”

Now giddyup.