Rachelle Louise - Simon has five years to get free so I can be a mum

Simon Gittany’s girlfriend told TV last night that she’s giving him five years to prove his innocence so that she can have his baby…

In the second part of her controversial interview with Channel Seven’s Sunday Night, Rachelle Louise, the girlfriend of convicted murderer Simon Gittany, makes a shock revelation about her plans to become a mum.

Rachel Louise is 29. Her boyfriend Simon Gittany has just been jailed for the murder of fiancee Lisa Harnum. He’ll serve at least 18 years with a maximum of 26 years, for throwing Lisa from his 15th floor Sydney apartment in 2011.

If he serves the minimum sentence given to him he’ll be in his 60s when he’s released and Rachelle Louise will be in her 50s. It will be too late for them to start a family together. So is this devoted girlfriend willing to sacrifice her chances at motherhood for him?

Murdered fiance Lisa Harnum

Rachelle says when he was convicted he turned around to her and said, "I want you to go get married and have kids". She told him she'd stand by him but in reality, she's admitted he has five years to be acquitted before she moves on and makes her family dreams a reality.

She told Sunday Night, "Right now I said he's got five years cause 29 going on 30 is..." When asked if she wants to marry Gittany she said yes.

"Yes. Simon would be the best father ever he really would," she said.

Rachelle Louise showed more emotion during the second part of what was a very disturbing interview, breaking down and crying when discussing his lengthy sentence. She was not present at his sentencing last week - widely reported to eb because of her deal with Seven - and admitted that Gittany would be disappointed not to see her there but she didn't feel strong enough to attend. ''I think he will be so upset that I didn't go,'' she said. ''But, you know what, I supported him every single day I went. Just today was for me. I didn't want to go.''

She says she's been attacked online since the first part of her interview aired, called vicious, nasty things, as she sees it, just for standing by the man she loves.

Did last night's interview with Rachelle Louise change your mind about her, or the case?