The funniest guest book entry you've ever seen from a wedding.

Proof that you don’t have to give everyone a plus one.

There’s that awkward decision you have to make when inviting guests to a wedding. Do you give them a plus one. Where’s the line?

Do you just give family a plus one, family and really close friends, all guests or no one? It’s a tough dilemma, but we’ve found a guy that may have solved the problem for you.

Reddit user, drunkadvice posted a guest book entry from his wedding with this caption, “I had a random guy at my wedding. He actually brought a gift and left his address in the guest book. Neither me or my wife recognise the name, and I have no memory of him actually being there.”

Here is the entry:

Is this even real?

Take note brides - don't stand in a canoe?

While people found the entry to be hilarious, most of the reddit users (in fact 850 commenters) wanted to know what the present was that 'random guy at wedding' gave the couple.

Some guessed that it may have been a box full of air, or oxygen from his own lungs. But of course these educated guesses were wrong.

drunkadvice updated his Reddit post to tell his eagerly awaiting commenters what he and his wife had received.

"For those asking about the gift. It was a cheque for $30. I think he was the +1 of my old roommate who barely made the guest list. A lot of my guests commented on how much fun they were to talk to," he wrote.

A $30 cheque, canoe advice for the bride and his favourite memory of the newly wed couple - who wouldn't want this guy at their wedding?

They definitely won't forget about it.

Probably most people.

Sorry to break to those who don't like rocking up to a wedding as the awkward, only single person there. But this is proof that you don't need to waste money on random plus ones.

Just invite those you know. Unless of course you want to try and win the title for funniest guest book entry - then go right ahead.

Would you give all your guests a plus one option?

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