She sat down to breastfeed her baby. What happened next was unbelievable.

When  this mum stopped to breastfeed her baby, she didn’t know she was being photographed. And she didn’t know that someone was about to post the picture and insult her on social media… 

Emily Slough, 27, stopped to discreetly breastfeed her eight-month-old daughter Matilda when she was out shopping. She was later sent this photo by a friend who found it on Facebook.

"I think somebody from the bar across the road from where I was feeding Matilda took a photo of me and posted it on Facebook, along with a caption saying I was a tramp," she told the BBC.  "One of my friends messaged me to say they had seen it. I'm not the sort of person to get upset by things like that.

"At first I was just going to ignore it, but then I decided to make an example of it."

Emily started her own online campaign, as well as a breastfeeding protest and has been overwhelmly supported. The movement already has over 8000 'likes' on Facebook and 1000 people have signed up to participate in the protest.

Way to take back the power!

The overwhelming feeling most mums would have when seeing this photo is to chuckle warmly. Here's a busy mum who stops to breastfeed her child and have a quick bite to eat herself.

The audacity of a stranger labelling her a 'tramp' is outrageous and it's comforting that so many agree.

Emily aims to help change attitudes towards public breastfeeding and despite overwhelming support, is still having to deal with criticism from strangers. "Most of them have been positive but some people have told me I need to be more dignified and breastfeed in a public toilet," she said. "That's exactly the kind of attitude I want to squash."

Thank goodness supporters like Ettrick Scott are going one step further to demonstrate their support for public breastfeeding. He's written a poem on Emily's behalf that's being shared all over the world:

If a woman is breast-feeding,
Then her tits aren’t titillating.
She’s not sending sexy signals,
She is simply lactating.
And have you thought to ask yourself
Just why you are spectating?
I reckon you were bottle-fed
And that’s what’s caused your hating.

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Do you think mums should openly breastfeed in public?

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