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warrior77 December 23, 2021

Like how some stories begin lonely girl meet good looking guy online, this is my story .

Single mother of 2 who always put her children first after many years Single thought I would give online dating ago, so I set up a profile and started looking until one guys profile caught my eye, he was a good looking guy and a full time single dad so where can I go wrong by contacting him. At first things was going well I was happy, my children was happy and for the first time my children and I had a complete family, normallike everyone else I knew. They moved in my house it felt great then it changed it was no longer my house or my children safe haven it became a prison where my stuff wasn't mine as he took over everything , my phone, my freedom was gone, my children freedom was gone, my emails and social media was taken over passwords changed, I was locked out of everything. Who was I, where did I go!! I wasn't me anymore, my every location was tracked and questioned. I was scared walking on eggshells so I wouldn't upset him as I didn't know how far he would go. The only way I could get help was for my children to tell their school as I knew they would have to check into by getting other services involved. There is more to my story but that's how mine started.  
Thank you for sharing your story as I feel that the more people speak up about what they have been though then someone will have to take notice. We are all strong and we should be proud and make a stand.