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tanahhomestay August 12, 2021

I believe his popularity started to wane after he dumped his wife Joanne Whaley and his two small children to pursue a fling with Drew Barrymore which he quoted was “powerless to control”. Seems like he had/has a major problem with impulse control.

tanahhomestay June 28, 2021

I can relate to your situation entirely. I especially appreciate you mentioning feeling guilty when you seem to be bombarded with stories of people who have given up alcohol completely and health authority recommendations.  I went through ten years of hell with my husband passing away from brain cancer after a five year battle, my fathers death and sisters suicide all while trying to raise an autistic child.  I worked hard every day and rewarded myself at 4 pm with wine.  I was able to wind down, relax and better company to family and friends.  I never drink spirits or beer because they depress me.  Every one reacts differently to alcohol and I personally know a few ugly drunks - instant arse hole, just add alcohol.  This isn’t my case.  Six months ago I have actually managed to cut down to 3 nights a week as my blood pressure was dangerously high.  My blood pressure is back to normal and I look forward to my wine nights.  I can’t imagine I will ever give up wine.  

tanahhomestay April 2, 2021

My husband was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2010 and passes away in 2015 after a courageous 5 year battle - 5 years of chemo; 3 years tablet form and 2 years intravenous; 2 rounds of radiation treatment - each round daily doses for six weeks straight. Three neurological operations to remove cancerous tumours. I heard about Gibson’s claims but put my trust in medical science.  I would be interested to know how many of her 200,000 followers were cancer sufferers and followed her advice. It astounds me that there are people out there with absolutely no real qualifications whatsoever that feel no pang on conscience at all on handing out life altering advice with absolutely no accountability.  There were many people who handed out advice to us like “take co enzyme q10”. When I sought advice from someone with qualifications I was told that co enzyme q10 is an amazing cell energiser - the enzyme of the millennium but it also energises cancer cells.  Everyone should beware of advice taken and given.  Research. Ask questions. Get third opinions from qualified individuals. However On the one hand “false hope delays acceptance of reality” but “better to rely on miracles than to opt for resignation”.