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alexharley22 August 25, 2021

Well let's all remember that Australia ended up with the Delta strain because we are allowing people to fly back in to our country and someone didn't follow the safety guidelines. I have a family member who is on the front line in England, dealing directly with patients and families affected by covid-19, I have friends in the States who have lost loved ones from covid-19. I know people who haven't been able to leave their homes since covid-19 arrived, because they have family members who would undoubtedly die from covid-19 if they were to get it. There are lots of selfish people who have shown that they have zero regard for the safety and welfare of other people, so no Australians obviously aren't mature enough to regulate their own behaviour. Hence why we have rolling lockdowns, because people have proven time and again that they need to be locked down.

alexharley22 August 7, 2021

I remember when my mum and dad separated after 30yrs of marriage, and my mum met up with a girlfriend she had known since before meeting and marrying my dad. This woman and her husband were my godparents, we saw them all the time over the years of growing up, getting married, having our own children etc. After having a coffee and a chat at a Cafe, my mum's friend said how lovely it was and they would have to do it again. My mum couldn't believe how different her friend was treating her, and I had to explain to my mum how her most of her married friends were now going to cut her loose. My mum never heard from her friend, my godmother again after that night. Women have been treating their separated/divorced friends like this for years and nothing has changed in the 20+ years since I and my parents divorced. 

alexharley22 July 26, 2021

Let's see how fast the anti vaxers and conspiracy nut jobs change their thinking when they are the ones needing help to breathe. They will then be quick to ring for the front line workers to help them, instead of sticking to their beliefs. It might sound inhumane but they don't deserve to be given that help, they have made their decision. The innocent people they have put at risk are the ones who should be prioritised. 

alexharley22 July 8, 2021

I feel you! I am 5'7 and I have a small waist with bigger hips and loooong legs. I struggle to find jeans that are long enough M&S Jamie jeans in long work, but they are unhemed which is why. I can't be the only person who can't find jeans that are always too short?!

alexharley22 July 7, 2021

I live on the Central Coast and it is ridiculous the number of people who are still living as if we aren't in the middle of a pandemic. We haven't had a case of covid since August so there are many people who believe that we shouldn't be under the stay at home orders. We have lots of people from Sydney up here holidaying, and lots of people are voicing the opinion that they should be able to, that if I am concerned about the risks I should follow the public health order and leave others alone. Like many people who live and work on the coast, I rely on the tourism industry for my income however I like many people are unable to work. It is amazing how self absorbed society has become, we have lost the Aussie spirit of looking after our mates, now it is all about looking after yourself at any cost. How many deaths will it take for people to start caring about their family, friends, neighbours etc?

alexharley22 May 28, 2021

I don't condone Chrissy's behaviour on any level, however none of us can honestly say that ten years ago we didn't say or behave in a manner that we wouldn't be ashamed of today. None of us are the same person we were ten years ago, but thankfully for us we are relatively anonymous and aren't held up to the same standards as people like Chrissy. Maybe we should be though, it might just give us all pause for thought and a bit more empathy. 

alexharley22 February 19, 2021

Having spent the past 5.5yrs years going through the family court system, I can honestly say that it does need a complete overhaul. However more importantly than having things rushed through, there needs to be more emphasis placed on allowing vindictive people to use the system to control and manipulate others. All to often evidence of outright lies, abuse and manipulation of police and the family court system are ignored hearing after hearing until finally having a full 3+ day trial. If lawyers were ethical and legal aid actually looked at the evidence in the beginning and refused to represent and fund victacious custody fights, then the system would actually work for the people who need it. 

alexharley22 December 3, 2020

Totally agree that we need men to stand up and speak out when we loose a woman to violence. However while it okay to spotlight the Scomo for his lack of apparent lack of voice, what about the opposition leader who is a woman who has the opportunity to be just as vocal? At the end of the day as a survivor of domestic violence it doesn't matter if it is a man or a woman, we need everyone to be speaking loudly about the scourge of violence against women.