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charlotte May 27, 2021

@dangerk as someone who lives in Melbourne, I don't think anyone is trying to compare what we have been through to the indescribable suffering and horror going on in India right now and last year in the US and throughout Europe. We know how lucky we are to live in Australia. 

What is so unbelievably frustrating is to watch NSW calmly manage far greater outbreaks than we currently have here, without the need for draconian lockdowns. There is no excuse anymore, they have had time to come up with something better but despite our State having the most public servants of any in the country, we are back to these panicked responses yet again. The toll on families, single people and small businesses to name just a few groups has been really horrific. If you lived here and heard the stories I have heard of suicide, substance abuse and other mental illness issues that have only arisen since March 2020 you would not be so quick to dismiss the effects of this government's policies. 

Our problem in this State isn't medical, it is political. The best example of this is that construction, controlled by the CFMEU (if you know you know) is allowed to continue while countless other industries with far less 'transmission risk' are shut down. It is so arbitrary and so far removed from any common sense health risk. It is the hypocrisy and the uncertainty that is driving people here mad. 

charlotte September 8, 2020

I just cannot believe all these articulate women support this insane plan and I am ashamed to live in a state that elected this man and continues to support him in this lunacy. His government caused this 'second wave'; that has been confirmed by the inquiry, and he is obsessed with eradicating it as a result. He insists on showing up every day to press conferences where he reads out his figures and deflects any questions he doesn't want to answer - he claimed not to have seen a video of his own police force handcuffing a pregnant mother in her own home for attempting to organise a peaceful, socially distanced protest which she then offered to cancel to no avail. Someone explain to me why he can't have a media spokesperson doing this while he fixes our shambles of a contact tracing system. The targets that he has set are not going to be achievable in the timeframe -  as many have pointed out, under this plan Sydney would be under these draconian lockdowns and yet it stays open and they are dealing with the cases as they arise. I can only hope that the Prime Minister sees sense and steps in. No one is expecting Melbourne to host the grand final at a full MCG but we need realistic targets, we need hope, an actual economic recovery plan and a leader who is truthful and who takes advice from the dozens of experts  begging to help him rather than a 'supercomputer'.