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Lauren Jade April 13, 2020

This frustrates me so much... so much plastic packaging! Why not give free advertising to those companies that care about the environment? So many green-packaged nasty-free products available now!

Lauren Jade July 17, 2017

David, in 'the feminist world' your opinion would be held in equal consideration to everyone else's. Feminism is about equality. It's about having the right to choose and the opportunity to follow those choices through. It has nothing to do with the oppression of men. True feminism embraces men AND women on an equal platform. If you honestly think women have equality then you have your head in the sand. We still have a long way to go before the matriarchy has as much influence as the patriarchy. I for one will be fighting for that voice for our future generations.

Lauren Jade December 26, 2016

You have to be talking about Fastway Couriers. My Christmas presents never showed either. Was given the run-around and promised call-backs that never came. 30 mins waiting on the phone to be told they don't have any idea where my parcel is and they offer no further assistance. They should be ashamed and hopefully businesses will stop using them. They have one job to do and fail miserably at it. Disgusting.

Lauren Jade December 16, 2016

You also recommend MAC. Please don't. They still test on animals 😒

Lauren Jade May 6, 2016

Eczema is terribly debilitating. It effects every aspect of your life until the cycle is stopped. I managed to heal myself of my eczema through trial and error. I ended up with this routine and I am thankful to say I have been eczema free for a number of years now. If this routine can help other sufferers stuck in a never ending steroid/flare-up cycle that would be wonderful.
Eczema Remedy...

1. Take as many baths as you can per week with 2 cups of salt + 1 cup bicarb soda added to bath water (large bath). (Buy in bulk).
2. Morning and night put the following products on the effected areas in the following order:
3. Avene Water Spray (moistens skin)
4. MooGoo Scalp Cream (adds further moisture + anti-eczema ingredients)
5. Avene Emollient Balm (creates protective barrier).
6. Follow this routine each day until symptoms disappear then continue routine once a day as long as symptoms don't reappear.
7. I do not use any steroids as I find these make my symptoms worse long-term.
8. Avene is available from Priceline and online (not Aveeno).
9. MooGoo is available in chemists and at If you buy online they often throw in freebies of their other products! MooGoo & Avene are natural so you are not loading the skin with unnecessary chemicals.
10. Avoid chemicals around the home & use hypoallergenic washing liquid etc; keep house dust & mold free).
11. I hope it works for you as well as it has for me (I'm completely eczema free and it has been a number of years since I started using this routine)...
(I am not affiliated with any of the products mentioned).

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