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no pufferfish September 6, 2021

Definitely wow 

no pufferfish August 17, 2021

I’ve read the book (audible) and it is really moving. I’m glad to see they’ve done it justice in the show. I hope her other books, particularly The Last Anniversary, will also be adapted for tv. 

no pufferfish August 10, 2021

I’ve had to dye my own hair when my roots grew out and lockdown is not ending. I must say, my hair has never looked worse 😭

no pufferfish July 22, 2021

This is helpful. I often skip workouts because my girlfriends decide they can’t go etc

I like making workouts a social activity 
After this lockdown, I’ll make an effort to go regardless. The lockdown is totally demotivating me. I feel so wrong going out even though we’re supposed to be allowed to go to the local park. 

no pufferfish July 21, 2021

@cath o thank you for your considerate and kind comment. It’s so sad to think that all future celebrations - birthdays, Christmas, eid and Easter, are subject to potentially being held during lockdown. 

I am Muslim and this eid, I really feel isolated despite the phone calls and social media. It would be great to have a nice get together with my siblings and take a photo together. I hope the numbers decrease soon and people do the right thing and stay at home. 

no pufferfish July 21, 2021

Eid Mubarak! Let’s hope next eid will be normal again. Thanks for sharing your story. 

no pufferfish June 30, 2021

@katp can’t imagine this would be well received by the friend. On the other hand, I’ve had one friend’s child report to ME when she thinks my child has hurt or otherwise offended her. I found this so odd as my kids wouldn’t even consider doing this (reporting to offender’s mum). Also my kids really are chill and not rowdy and have no problems getting on with any other kids. It’s literally this one child who often doesn’t get on with them so I’ve reduced contact as much as possible. 

no pufferfish June 30, 2021

I’ve also chosen to keep some friendships as adult only or adult mainly. One of my good friends has a child so neurotic it makes me anxious. So when my children ask not to be involved, I really can’t blame them!