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cap'nsquinty April 1, 2021

Oh for crying out loud, she's an actress, not a dermatologist!  And Vogue is a fashion magazine, not a medical journal!  If you're taking advice from her, you're a twit.  It's not Gwyneth's fault.  It's not Vogue's fault.  It's the fault of desperate, vain readers.

cap'nsquinty March 1, 2021

That laundry basket hack doesn't work for most women because a) we don't want to stand in the car park packing for any longer than we have to (safety!), b) baskets are HEAVY and many of us have weak pelvic floors (pregnancy!) and, not a gendered reason: c) won't food get crushed?  Those berries in the video looked done for!

cap'nsquinty January 18, 2021

Well this is a hurtful judgement: 'Your real friends will walk into your imperfect home and not even comment on the state of it because theirs look just as bad.'  Mine does not look like that, but this does not mean I am not a real friend to my mum friends who have chaotic homes!  And I do genuinely wonder (not JUDGE) how they do it.  Please also read this Mamamia article before we all start judging mothers who have their sh*t together:

cap'nsquinty January 10, 2021

Research has debunked 'only child syndrome' for decades now.  Interestingly, the leader of my son's kindergarten once told me that you can spot only children in a heartbeat - they're the ones who happily share all the toys, because they've never had to be competitive or aggressive or possessive about them before.  Siblings may indeed teach conflict resolution - but you only have to look at some resentful child siblings, and their adult counterparts, to see how dysfunctional some of these supposedly superior relationship skills are.  Research summary:

cap'nsquinty January 8, 2021

Yes! When some mums see another mum who's got themselves together, it's like they revert into teenaged girls again and start picking on them for being a 'tryhard'.  I say, tryhard mums of the world unite!  As those immortal poets The Offspring once said, 'The world needs wannabes - Hey! Hey! Do that brand new thing!'