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lou nk June 19, 2021

What a ridiculous premise! Totally disrespectful to those who have experienced genuine trauma. 

lou nk September 7, 2020

Anyone who believes extending restrictions long term has obviously not had to deal with the closure of their business, not lost their job for the foreseeable future, not tried to keep paying a mortgage on job keeper (which will be reduced at the end of September), not tried to home school a child with a learning problem,  not had a child trying to complete Year 12 remotely, not tried to get mental health support for a loved one only to be told that the next available appointment is a month away because the demand is so overwhelming, not felt the despair of being unable to see family who live outside the 5km zone and not been overwhelmed with crushing loneliness. This is not simply negative thinking that we can talk ourselves out of. Situations like these are the hard cold reality for many in lock-down. And what makes it more galling is that this could have been avoided. State Government mismanagement over hotel quarantine caused this second outbreak (not bad luck). It is galling and so many Victorians are angry and wondering why one earth we should trust the government now.

LNK September 5, 2019

I am finding it increasingly uncomfortable watching the Bachelor and how the other girls are treating Abbie. Whether it is just a craftily edited narrative or based on truth, the group 'pile-on' against Abbie comes across as bullying, pure and simple.

LNK February 18, 2019

I appreciate this article and the authors honesty. However, please be aware that Jordan Peterson did not ever blame the people murdered by the Incel killer for their own demise. Nor does he advocate for enforced monogamy. If you watch the whole exchange you will see that this is not the case at all. He was merely attempting an explanation in anthropological terms. He called the crime abhorrent and an act of evil.
NB: I am a university educated 50 year old white woman and I find his lectures insightful and thought provoking. I am very much looking forward to attending his talk in Melbourne.