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reader April 3, 2022

What a load of rubbish and for anyone to believe it, that apologies were given by Olivia and edited it out, when we have all clearly heard Olivia on multiple occasions say that she was definitely not apologising and had nothing to apologize for.

reader July 6, 2021

Or more like a wake up call for the Federal Government to get its act together and vaccinate everyone, or for the NSW Government to actually manage COVID by going early and going hard, and admitting its mistake in going too soft and too late. At least we will never again have to suffer the Feds saying that NSW is the "gold standard" in COVID management.

reader August 3, 2020

Daniel Andrews should resign or be replaced for bringing Victoria, and Australia, to its knees. Any CEO would have been long gone, but Australia is stuck with him for another 2.5 years. Why are no organisations conducting opinion polls of his approval and disapproval rating? Why is he being protected from this public accountability?

Jane Sligo March 6, 2019

It is so disappointing. I tried to email Channel 9 / 9 Life in the second week of its US airing when I realised that it was not showing here. They provide no suitable email contact details so obviously don't want this type of feedback, only news stories etc. I didn't get a reply from the email address that I finished up using. The reason sounds so stupid, as if Australia would affect US ratings. It need to be screened contemporaneously, not when it's all over, same as a football grand final. Can Mamamia use contacts at 9 to enquirer when we might see it, plus prevent a repeat for upcoming The Bachelorette US?