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be_amazed August 23, 2020

People just need to mind their own business. I mean, how does the age gap of some other couple affect their life in any way? It doesn't!

be_amazed August 18, 2020

@guest2 you're basing this decision on a fictional movie...?

be_amazed May 9, 2020

@cat I don't think this article was responding to the podcast - I just happened to have listed to the podcast before seeing this article. And, in hindsight, me complaining about the podcast was a bit hypocritical, considering I'd just called everyone out for complaining too much! I'm pretty sure Andrew and Holly's comments about schools were all made out of frustration, not intended as an insult to teachers, and were quite lighthearted. I guess we're all stressed out right now - let's all just be gentler on each other!

Be_Amazed May 8, 2020

As a teacher of two year 12 VCE subjects (Biology and Physics) let me offer a different perspective.

I'm in a rural school. It's a challenge, but we're doing fine. We sorted all the computer / tech issues out for remote teaching at the end of term 1. Some students are working on-site, as they cannot learn from home, and that'a all working fine. Our year 12 students are being incredibly resilient and working well. I'm still following my unit plan as I would be if I were teaching on-site - we haven't fallen behind. Feedback from students and parents has been incredibly positive.

Teaching remotely is a lot more work for students, teachers, and parents. But it's doable. We're just all getting on with it out here and not whinging about it.

Year 12's shouldn't be more stressed than usual. VCAA have postponed exams and removed parts of the study design. Learning remotely is different - but remember ATAR is a comparison to the rest of the state and everyone is in the same boat.

People are saying that rural schools are at a disadvantage from remote learning. I honestly think that our students, at least, are at an advantage, because they are more resilient and rural communities are better at supporting each other during hardship, rather than complaining.

I'm very thankful to be teaching in Victoria. The schools side of things has been handled much better here than in the other states if you ask me. As a teacher, I haven't once been confused or left in the dark about what is happening.

I also found Holly and Andrew's comments about schools on TGM about schools to be quite offensive and flippant. In my opinion, yes the school situation in NSW has been handled in a much more confusing way than Victoria. But that's not the fault of the schools. And the comment on exams - about still having to sit exams even though "you haven't learnt anything this term." Really, Andrew? You think your child's teachers haven't been working harder that ever to educate your child in these times?

Viv March 22, 2020

Erm... that's what we're doing? Teacher here

Viv October 3, 2018

I can't help but feel a bit offended by the heartbreak discussion. I've experienced hardship, death and grief, and getting through these things has definitely made me grow as a person. I agree that you need difficult experiences to grow. However, I am asexual and aromantic (and in my 30's so this isn't a "phase"), so have never experienced heartbreak and probably never will. Does this mean I will only ever be half a person?