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deamona December 1, 2021

IVF is an incredibly tough thing to undergo. Only those of us who had to suffer through the needles, the constant probing and examining, ovaries that feel like they're gonna explode, the dreadful egg collection and then finally embryo implantation, will understand. You shouldn't feel shame that you needed a bit of help while others achieve the same result without even really trying. You're incredibly tough and should feel proud of yourself! I'm proud of you, proud of all IVF moms who stopped at nothing to have their precious baby!

deamona November 24, 2021

@rush Yep, we didn't even have a dishwasher either. And I'm actually grateful for that because I can now wash dishes by hand. Had a couple flatmates in the past who've only ever used dishwashers at home, and they'd regularly leave caked on food on the dishes they've supposedly cleaned. Couldn't cook either. Being rich is not always a plus.

deamona November 20, 2021

Do NOT watch Audition. Seen it like a decade ago and the torture scenes still haunt me to this day.

Train to Busan is great, though!

deamona November 18, 2021

@mb1111 In the Q anon belief system, Trump is an almighty hero who is secretly fighting a cult of pedophiles. They worship him like he's Jesus himself. Yes, they're that deranged. They also conveniently forget the fact he forced himself on an underage girl, raped and harassed countless women, was good buddies with Epstein, and has the hots for his own daughter. If you hear any pro-Trump crap outside of the US, it's Q anon.

deamona November 18, 2021

@grumpier monster It's the Q anon nuts behind this. A (now former) friend of mine started dating one, and in a matter of weeks she was spewing insane stuff like this, became a rabid antivaxxer, and calls Andrews "comrade Andrews" because of the lockdown that saved the lives of tens of thousands.

If the government needs to do anything, it's to deal with Q anon. I don't want Australia to end up like the US.

deamona November 13, 2021

@laura__palmer I also think it's absolutely ridiculous. Vaginal birth is very dangerous and far riskier than a planned cesarean will ever be, yet people keep pushing it like it's the only correct way to give birth.

My first was an elective cesarean under general anaesthesia because I was not gonna give birth like an animal. I have Asperger's syndrome and high anxiety, and I always take advantage of the wonders of modern medicine. Went home after 3 days, scar healed beautifully and really quickly, and if I have any more kids it'll be by cesarean again. Not gonna ruin my body and endanger my baby just so that I can say I did it...