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davidc January 31, 2024

Chelsea you have my deepest sympathies, but I do appreciate you've put your hand up! I think you have every right to keep your Vodka receipts over the coming months & have Mamamia reimburse you as a business expense!

davidc April 12, 2023

Gosh Chelsea, not much of a breather between reality shows - good luck!

davidc April 3, 2023

Thanks Chelsea, fantastic recaps!

You have a year to recuperate!

davidc March 21, 2023

Chelsea I've got a sibling surfing metaphor for you! I grew up at Bronte Beach in Sydney, waves wise it can be good, but overall it's a B minus, however I don't think there's a surfer who wouldn't rate Kirra on the Gold Coast as one one of the best waves in Australia!

davidc March 19, 2023

Thanks Chelsea - hang in there, not long to go!

davidc March 8, 2023

Thanks Chelsea, I'm so glad I didn't see this episode - loving your work!

davidc March 5, 2023

Thank you for not indulging in a Sandy/Beach joke!

davidc February 21, 2023

Hi Chelsea,

Another great recap & thanks for doing the hard yards!
Every time I read about these people, I always feel better about myself - it's very therapeutic!

davidc February 6, 2023

Chelsea you're the queen of meme! Thanks for brightening my day!

davidc January 30, 2023

Chelsea, I see you've drawn the short straw! Good Luck & I look forward to reading your recaps to brighten my day.


davidc January 29, 2023

Thanks Adrienne, you've done a sterling job! Now go have a Bex &  a well deserved lie down!

davidc January 9, 2023

Thanks Adrienne for doing the hard yards - the show's just to excruciating for me! Like you I would spend the whole time in the bathroom!

davidc March 13, 2022

Hi Adrienne,

I don't know if you want to hear this, but you're very good at the recaps!

davidc November 11, 2021

Jessica, you have my deepest sympathies - but we all no the producers are going for a woke ending!

davidc March 16, 2021

Hang in there ladies - you're doing just fine!

BTW anyone who has an odd way of spelling their ordinary name.....well it would be a worrying sign!

davidc September 24, 2020

Congratulations Keryn, you made it! I hope you live happily ever after and have learnt many useful life lessons along this tortuous path!

davidc September 16, 2020

Don't worry Keryn your nearly home!

davidc September 2, 2020

Hi Keryn,

Thanks for putting a smile on my face! 

DavidC March 17, 2020

Wonderful ladies!

DavidC March 15, 2020

Ladies, I'm glad you have a Coronavirus contingency plan in place - you have been watching this viral nightmare for so long, I fear your immune systems have markedly weakened!