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fb75 December 19, 2021

It absolutely exists (and not just for women). Sometimes as an unconscious bias and other times quite blatantly & purposely. Better job opportunities, better service, just better treatment from other people all round.
The people being treated better get their confidence boosted, while others who feel the disparity loose theirs.

fb75 May 6, 2021

I find the authors take on being called exotic interesting. I feel like she is perceiving that in a negative way because of one person's opinion in a book she read. 

"A woman of colour being called "exotic" implies that they are "exotic" because they don’t meet standard beauty norms, which are predominantly white."
I feel the opposite. To me, that's a compliment. They probably mean that they find you more attractive than the norm around them. 
And I don't understand the correlation to animals. 
If you look up the definition of an exotic person, it's nothing like that, and there's no negative connotation.
It's probably not the best word to use, but I doubt the people who said it meant it in a negative way.
This article is food for thought though. I like to know people's background, I think it's interesting to hear of families different experiences. But this makes it clear we need to be mindful of how we pose that question.

fb75 March 21, 2021

For a man who "wasn’t really into marriage", he looks ecstatically happy 😊 You both look amazing, and those photos are stunning. Not only because of the gorgeous backdrop, but because of your beautiful beaming smiles. So wonderful that you found a dress that made you feel so good after a disappointing start.

fb75 February 28, 2021

I love how they think they have control over fashion. You can only buy what is available. Fashion is constantly changing. The outfits they are wearing in the "When Gen Z shame you for wearing skinny jeans" video, is pretty much exactly the same as what we wore in the early 90s.