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shells4eva February 19, 2022

She obviously doesn’t have a teenaged boy.

shells4eva June 11, 2021

Stan is only showing the first 14 seasons of Greys Anatomy. do your research!!!

You got me excited! 

shells4eva June 13, 2020

I found another stay at home mum and gave her $100 to look after my 2 children on the days I got called in to work as a casual teacher. If I wasn’t working, I wouldn’t pay, if I was, then I would and we would both make money. It was great. I also had my children in daycare for 2 days per week so the $100 thing was only for 3 days of the week if I got work.

Shells April 29, 2019

My cousin did this also. She wasn’t happy about it in the beginning as she had a boyfriend of her own at the time. But when her older sister, my other cousin, passed away it was just expected that she marry her brother in law to keep the family and children together. I was raised in Australia and was outraged - I would never do that!! But different cultures have different expectations. Her husband is a lovely man - lucky for her.

Shells January 28, 2019

Yeah right! As if it’s not because of her stupid remarks yesterday.

Shells March 11, 2017

I second what you said

Shells February 16, 2017

I'm sure the teacher would have felt horrible after realising her mistake. Yes the teacher said the wrong thing but she mistakingly thought the girl was pulling her hair out and was trying to discourage it (she still said the wrong thing but we all do occasionally). The principal should have informed the relief teacher of the child in her class with the illness. If the girl was my child (God forbid that illness be bestowed on one of my daughters) I would be upset, but I would also try and see it from that teachers point of view. I would insist that the principal look at procedures in informing relief teachers of things like this so it never happens again. It sounds like a horrible misunderstanding and I feel bad for all.

Shells January 30, 2017

Uniforms are great. Easier mornings not having to deal with "what am I going to wear today!!!"
Yes they can be expensive but they look smart. If it was mufti every day the pressure to have the 'in' clothing would be horrible, not to mention the inappropriate clothing that would be worn. With a uniform everyone knows what's expected of them and there would be less stress in worrying what other people are wearing.

Shells October 30, 2016

Please. No more mugs! Of course I would never complain about a gift from anyone, but the suggestion for a mug as a gift .... nope. 10 mugs a year is 9 too many.

Shells April 14, 2014

Loved it