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tate July 10, 2020

'Surely women are owed a few f*cking Arts degrees' - Hallelujah!  Free Arts degrees for women for the next seven centuries, I say! 

When I was 14-years-old, a Careers Advisor visited our high school to offer students guidance in regard to their future employment prospects. We were asked to write down our preferred career choices. I penned 'artist' and 'singer' (which seemed perfectly fair to me since my father had studied art/philosophy back in Holland and my mother was a trained singer), only to be told that they were not plausible options - since they did not appear in the hefty government-supplied 'careers' manual which the advisor referred to as her own guide. I left class that day feeling despondent and unsupported. 

I did go on to become a professional fine artist and a vocalist (despite the lack of encouragement), and now study literature at post-grad level. I dread to think what might have happened had those options/opportunities not been available (and affordable) to myself, and like-minded 'creative' others. I'm proud of my Arts degree despite any associated negative connotations. I worked hard for it, and in return, it has enhanced my learning, and my life, in innumerable rewarding ways. Apart from anything else, creativity fosters empathy (something our current government seems to lack in spades). I despair for this and future generations who will be stripped of the rich learning opportunities and avenues that the Arts provide. It will come back and bite us in the arse, no doubt.