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noni May 5, 2022

@rush have you tried buffing the surface with a nail file to rough it slightly? Also wipe your nails with nail varnish remover to dry the surface & prepare it? It sounds like your nails are naturally “oily. Best of luck 🤞 

noni July 29, 2020

@caz gibson very good advice, especially regarding fashion choices that could have long lasting effects such as plucking your eyebrows into nonexistence or tattooing on thick, dark eyebrows. 

Fiona June 6, 2017

Exactly, is it any less rude to trash someone's belongings because it's not something that you'll ever afford? & just because you have a $10 Sportsgirl bag that you bought on sale doesn't mean you have to be unhygienic, clean it out & have respect for your belongings, whether they be $100 or 100K.

Fiona March 29, 2017

I actually don't find this insulting at all, obviously meant as a term of affection or endearment, she seems motherly & I can say as a 47 year old woman that's birthed 4 children when it comes to labour someone willing to step into that mother role & be soothing is very welcome... maybe not if they were years younger than me but someone my age or old, not an issue. Also coming from an aboriginal community, Native Princesses, or Indian Princesses (which covered Island & Negro women as well as Indian women) was a common term of endearment from the older generations, may not be politically correct but was never said with malice, ignorance maybe but never malice.

Fiona March 22, 2017

It's not blaming the victim, it's about taking responsibility of your body & taking steps to protect from those that harm, it's no different to installing fire alarms... does it mean that if you don't install a fire alarm that you want your house to burn down? I don't think so. It is the same as being told to lock your car, we teach our children it's wrong to steal but there will always be thieves & rapists so we do as much as we can to protect ourselves & our daughters as well as instilling good values into our sons.

Fiona March 22, 2017

Yes! Me too please for the same reason! :)

Fiona March 9, 2017

Bullying to speak in another language? If the other language is their first language then it's probably comforting for them to be able to relax & speak what comes naturally to them without having to concentrate & focus on their words all the time.

Fiona March 6, 2017

Actually looking into it a few years ago & I was told that babies up to the age of 12 months were accepted in some licensed places (depends on the suitability of the establishment - not sure how that's determined)

Fiona February 17, 2017

Yes, so they don't get sunburnt.

Fiona January 15, 2017

I think it was beautiful, it's not for everyone, & yes it is a personal experience & her personal choice to share was amazingly generous. Something so natural but still so little known about it by those who are yet to labour. Wishing you & your family every happiness Sophie.